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Plan an active holiday by the sea
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Plan an active holiday by the sea

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29 September 2021
Those who love the Baltic Sea say that it is fascinating at any time of year, but it is in the autumn that it shows its most beautiful face. That is why it is worth visiting Ustka now. Peaceful resort, fall colors, empty, sandy beaches and the sea, which right now has the most beautiful color - these are just a few reasons to go on vacation at this time of year. This is also the best time for active recreation by the sea. We suggest what Ustka offers autumn tourists.
Autumn stay at the seaside in Ustka is mainly tranquility, a greater choice of apartments and excellent opportunity for walks - to admire the views and enjoy the beneficial effects of iodine. The most popular walking route in Ustka is of course the famous Promenade. Its other name is Seaside Walking Park. This promenade, whose origins date back to 1875, allows a quiet and comfortable walk along the sea, without going to the beach. Therefore, you can walk also in less favourable weather conditions, for example on windy days. On the Promenade are pubs and restaurants where you can refresh yourself during the walk. However, an active vacation by the sea is associated primarily with walks on the beach. So take your walking sticks with you, because the beautiful, sandy beaches of Ustka are good for Nordic walking. Within the administrative borders of Ustka, they are four kilometers long and are divided into the East Beach and West Beach, and are connected by the famous rotating footbridge over the harbor channel. Among the many walking routes around Ustka, the most noteworthy is the Seaside Trail, which will lead you, for example, to Orzechowo (one of the most popular routes, measuring 5 km). Another interesting place worth visiting is the mysterious Seekenmoor pond, also called the Ghostly Pond. If you want to spend your autumn vacation in Ustka in a really active way, take your bike with you or rent one on site. Visiting the area and admiring colorful autumn views combined with moderate activity is a recipe for a successful holiday. In Ustka both occasional and advanced cyclists will find a route for themselves. Ustka lies on the route of the famous Coastal Bicycle Route around the Baltic Sea (R-10), which is part of the international project - EuroVelo (EV10), assuming the creation of a circular cycling route around the Baltic Sea (with a total length of about 8 thousand kilometers). Within the area of Ustka itself, there are also several "urban" bicycle routes of various lengths, but the autumn active vacation on two wheels is a perfect opportunity to set off on longer routes, such as the Trail of Winding Tracks (towards Rowy), much of which leads through the embankments of a former railroad line (length of about 23 km). You can also bike to Słupsk (17 km), to the capital of the Checkered Land, Swołowo (38 km), or even further - to Jarosławiec (56 km). More advanced cyclists can set off on a bike trip along the USB-S trail: Ustka - Słupsk - Bytów - Sominy (86 km), running through the middle of the Green Heart of Pomerania. Ustka and its surroundings - the city and hiking trails As autumn is the season of walking, during an active vacation by the sea go for a trip - on foot or by bike, one of the popular trails. Both the city itself and the surrounding area have many tourist attractions and curiosities. The local trails can be divided into urban and tourist ones. Among the city trails, the most popular are: The Harbour Trail - around the harbour and related objects (approx. 3 km), The Trail of Old Ustka - a walk with history in the background: old fishermen's checkered houses, beautiful villas from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. (approx. 2.5 km), the Spa Trail - from the graduation tower to the lighthouse (approx. 6.5 km), the Charming Trail - through the ecological reservation "Seekenmoore Pond - Ghost Pond", to the canoe marina (approx. 6 km), the Buczyna nad Słupią Trail - a trail marked out in the Buczyna nad Słupią nature reserve located within the town limits (approx. 3 km). In addition to the previously mentioned bicycle trails, the most interesting hiking trails are in turn: Orzechowska Wydma Trail (2.8 km), Kraina w Kratę Trail (Słupsk - Smołdzino - Sławno - Postomino - Ustka; 78.7 km), Dolina Słupi Trail (Słupsk - Dębnica Kaszubska - Gałęźnia Mała - Bytów; 52 km), Słowińców Trail (Gardna Wielka - Rwokół - Smołdzino - Kluki - Izbica - Łeba; 38,7 km), Northern Route (Łeba - Rąbka - Łącka Góra - Czołpino - Lake Dołgie Wielkie - Lake Gardno - Rowy; 40 km), Southern Route (Łeba - Żarnowska Gać - Izbica - Kluki - Smołdzino - Gardna Wielka; 39 km). Relaxation and adrenaline - sea angling As befits a port town, Ustka is an ideal base for sea angling expeditions. More and more companies offer real sea voyages by cutter, e.g. for cod fishing. The trips are usually organized for groups of a dozen or so people and last from several to several dozen hours. If you want to feel the adrenaline associated with fishing, see how the fishermen's work looks like every day and face this challenge, you must go fishing. However, if you prefer to fish feeling the ground under your feet, go to the Słupia River, which in winter is the European center of sea trout fishing. In the river, besides sea trout, you can also fish for trout, pike and even eel. Ustka is the perfect town to spend an active vacation by the sea in autumn. Here you will also find your space for horse riding enthusiasts - there are three stud farms in the area. Swimmers can use four swimming pools in the hotels in Ustka, and military enthusiasts can visit the famous Blücher Bunkers (a complex of German fortifications from before World War II). However, the autumn in Ustka is mostly about picturesque landscapes and the beautiful sea - often restless at this time. During storms it is good to watch them from a safe distance, from the promenade or from the apartments overlooking the sea, sipping aromatic hot tea.
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