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The beams of the rising sun, and the sweeping sunsets visible from your apartment window. That's what we have to offer when we say we welcome you to Columbus Apartments. 

The property is located right on the promenade, the main artery of the tourist life of the resort. To find yourself on the white beaches, just cross the promenade. You will not find such a localization in the whole Ustka. You can not be in Ustka any more.

USTKA is a seaside resort on the central coast with unique landscape conditions at the mouth of the river Słupia, 150 km west of the capital of the voivodeship - Gdańsk and 18 km north of Słupsk. 

This now legendary resort spreads out on both sides of the river. Surrounded by forests, coastal dunes and meadows. The open sea, sea breeze which is a natural inhalation, the healing effects of black pine resin, mud with healing properties create a specific, unique microclimate in Poland.

Thanks to the healing properties of its climate, Ustka has had the status of a health resort since 1987. The high level of tourist and sanatorium services, the large number of sunny days per year and numerous summer events make Ustka a popular resort for leisure and health stays and holidays for families, entertainment for the young and active, and each year Ustka is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Ustka is famous not only for its spa qualities, but also for fishing and fish processing as well as for its old shipyard. It is famous for Baltic salmon, one of which even got its coat of arms, cod, smoked sprats, fried flounder and pickled herring. Until recently, the shipyard built boats and fishing boats.

The town has two summer swimming pools, on both sides of the river Słupia delta and an extremely rich base of treatments. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful spas in Poland, thanks to its beautiful and wide beaches, open sea, proximity to nature and the climate - ideal conditions for relaxation. Sunrises and sunsets here are so picturesque that you forget about the whole world, and even about life in constant stress and in pursuit of what is often elusive. 

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