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How to plan vacations in Ustka?
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How to plan vacations in Ustka?

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12 July 2021
Family vacations in Ustka, or maybe a romantic trip just for two? No matter with whom you choose to go to this seaside town, we suggest how to plan an unforgettable holiday trip!
Make sure you get the right accommodation Accommodation is a key aspect that affects our satisfaction and enjoyment of the vacation. While choosing the best accommodation means something a little different to everyone, you can follow universal principles when choosing it. Whether you decide on an apartment or a hotel, a short distance from the beach is always a good idea. This will save time associated with the commute and search for parking, and at the same time money and nerves. Accommodation near the beach in Ustka will also give us freedom in planning our rest - at any time within a few minutes we can return from the beach or go to it, and if we forget to take something with us, we will be able to quickly return for the necessary things. This solution also gives comfort in case of unexpected events, such as the need for a quick change of clothes. Location by the beach in is a great choice when it comes to accommodation. An apartment by the sea in Ustka will allow you to fulfill your dreams of a beautiful view from the window or terrace, which we will see right after waking up. Another location, which is equally attractive, but not necessarily the same as the above, are accommodations by the promenade in Ustka. Apartments or hotel by the beach can be located in a quiet area outside the center, which does not offer many attractions. The opposite is the case of rooms by the promenade in Ustka - by choosing accommodation in this location, you gain access to many attractions and monuments. Lighthouse, harbor and cruise ships, numerous cafes, ice cream parlor and restaurants, and a host of cultural events taking place near the promenade make it impossible to get bored! If you are looking for accommodation in Ustka near the beach and the promenade at the same time, we recommend Columbus Apartments - a perfect place for both short and long vacations. However, a successful vacation is not only a suitable accommodation - what else should you pay attention to? We must take into account the needs and capabilities of all participants of the trip. If we are going with children, we must remember, for example, that they were not bored and were safe, so it is worth choosing an area with numerous attractions for toddlers and a family-friendly place, which will provide such things as a travel crib, a bathtub or plugs for contacts in the room. A trip with friends, however, will be governed by different laws, and in this case more important will prove to be comfortable apartments, which will accommodate the participants, and a common space will create great conditions for eating meals together or spending time with board games, when outside the window rain. A stay for two will also look completely different. Romantic scenery, a terrace with a view of the Baltic Sea and sunset, and space for privacy will be an excellent choice. Not every holiday by the Baltic Sea will look the same, and not every participant will have the same needs. We must keep this in mind when planning, so as not to fall into the trap of looking at a successful vacation only from your perspective, which will differ, for example, from that of the children. And after all, everyone cares about a successful holiday! Attractions and sights of Ustka Going to the Baltic Sea we all hope for beautiful weather, but the reality is not always so colorful. Polish summers, though sometimes hot and sunny, can also be rainy and cool. What's more, the weather can change like a kaleidoscope - especially at the seaside. For such an eventuality, it is worth having alternative activities, when beachcombing will not be possible. Therefore, it is worth planning which attractions of Ustka are worth visiting and which monuments are worth sightseeing. Ustka is not only the promenade and harbor! We have prepared a detailed list of places worth visiting here: attractions and monuments of Ustka. A feast for the palate An integral part of any vacation is, without a doubt, delicious food. Excellent cuisine pampering our taste buds is also an element that greatly affects our satisfaction with the trip. Regional dishes made of fresh, local ingredients and carefully selected flavor combinations are the basis for excellent experiences in the culinary field. In Ustka you will find both excellent ice cream and waffles as well as restaurants serving local specialties. As a seaside town, Ustka means, above all, delicious fresh fish prepared in many ways. Those who are looking for excellent fish in Ustka are welcome to visit the Tawerna Columbus Restaurant - a place where guests can compose their own dream dish. Fish can be served grilled, fried in butter, breaded or grilled, and with additives of your choice. Successful vacation in Ustka not only in the summer Remember that the vacation in Ustka is worth going not only in the summer! If you dream of peace and quiet, we recommend choosing accommodation in Ustka outside the peak season. Spring or early autumn will be the perfect time. The end of April or the middle of May and the beginning of September are attractive moments when more tranquility awaits than in July or August. If you are planning a regenerating and relaxing vacation by the sea, it is worth taking into account such moments in the year when you will not meet crowds - after all, the Baltic delights all year round, not only in summer!
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