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See what attractions are waiting for you in Ustka! Regardless of age, there is certainly something for everyone.

Lighthouse in Ustka

Ustka, 76-270 Marynarki Polskiej 1 (100m form our facility)

Undoubtedly, the most characteristic element for the view of Ustka's harbor is the local lighthouse. This interesting object was built in 1892 using red brick. The building has an unusual for lighthouses plan, because it can be said that it consists of two parts. The main building was built on a rectangular plan in neo-Gothic style. An octagonal tower was added to it. It is less than 20 meters high and is one of the best observation points on the local coast.

To the Seafarers

Ustka, 76-270 Port Ustka (100m from our facility)

Between the Harbor Master's Office in Ustka and the lighthouse was placed a monument to the "Seafarers". The idea of creating this monument germinated in the minds of local fishermen almost 30 years before its creation. However, problems with financing the project prevented its implementation. In 2001 the idea was revived. The money was obtained thanks to a collection among the inhabitants of the town, private donors and from the funds of the Town Office and County Office. 

The Mermaid of Ustka

Ustka, 76-270 Promenada Nadmorska (300m from our facility)

Near the lighthouse, on the eastern side of the waterfront, an over 6 meter high statue of a mermaid looking into the distance was placed. The brass monument, unveiled on 15th August 2010, refers to the coat of arms of the city of Ustka and the local legend. The monument was made on the basis of the project of Michal Roska. Currently, it is one of the biggest attractions on the promenade. Rumor has it that in order to make one and a half wishes come true you need to rub the left breast of the mermaid.

Harbour and pier in Ustka

Ustka, 76-270 Ścieżka na plaże (300m from our facility)

Ustka's harbor dates back at least to the mid-14th century. What we can see today visiting the area, is the result of reconstruction in the years 1899-1903, although there are still remains of the earlier exploitation of the port. Until World War I it was the largest trading point in Pomerania. Nowadays, it serves mainly as a tourist destination.

Brad museum

Ustka, 76-270 Marynarki Polskiej 49 (400m from our facility)

The Museum of Bread is located at 49 Marynarki Polskiej Street in the attic of the Brzóska family bakery. There is no denying that this is an ideal place to show the history of bread. Mr. Eugeniusz Brzóska has been collecting his collection for several years. Currently, they consist of three halls exhibiting monuments of the history and development of baking, as well as confectionery. In the museum itself we can see exhibits even from the seventeenth century.

Saint John of Nepomuk

Ustka, 76-270 Bohaterów Westerplatte 16 (400m from our facility)

A sculpture of St. John of Nepomuk has been placed on the western river bank in Ustka, next to the new Marine Rescue Station. Originally the sculpture, by Antoni Wilm, an artist from Slupsk, was supposed to stand near the Witches Tower in Slupsk. However, made in 2000 to order of priest Jan Gieriatowicz, it was donated seven years after its completion to the Maritime Office in Slupsk. Therefore, in 2007 St. John Nepomucen stood on the eastern breakwater of the port in Ustka, and then in 2010 it was moved to its current location.

Monument to the fisherman Mistral

Ustka, 76-270 Kaszubska 9 (400m from our facility)

By the Mistral guesthouse, at 9 Kaszubska Street in Ustka, a fisherman's statue has been erected relatively recently, taking its name from the said guesthouse. The sculpture was made of sandstone, is almost 2 meters high and represents a man undoubtedly familiar with the hardships of life at sea for many years. His mature face, marked with deep wrinkles, shows a calm self-confidence. Dressed in a fisherman's storm jacket, the man is depicted pulling a codfish out of the net cast over his left shoulder.

Villa Red

Ustka, 76-270 Żeromskiego 1 (600m from our facility)

One of the most recognizable buildings in Ustka is undoubtedly the Red Villa (1 Żeromskiego Street) originally belonging to Otto von Bicmarck, who was German Chancellor in 1886 when it was built. Another known owner of this villa was Hermann Göring, although he never visited it. Today, the interiors of the former summer residence house the "Villa Red" guest house.

Museum of Ustka Region

Ustka, 76-270 Marynarki Polskiej 62 A (600m from our facility)

Established in 2000, the Museum of the Ustka Land is the result of eight years of efforts by members of the Association of Friends of Ustka, to popularize the native land among its inhabitants themselves. Since its opening, the museum is one of the central regionalistic places in Ustka, where visitors can see valuable relics of the local material culture from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and join a discussion forum. A very interesting part of the exhibition is preserved memorabilia of the local shipyard. That is why on the permanent exhibition we can see models of ships produced in the shipyard, pre- and post-war documents, as well as German photographic equipment, a hundred-year-old skate, a bubble-washing machine or a bathing suit in which we would see a beach-goer at the beginning of the 20th century.

The monument to Frederic Chopin in Ustka

Ustka, 76-270 Promenada Nadmorska (700m from our facility)

Walking among the trees on the promenade, we may come across a monument to Frederic Chopin. Unveiled during the celebration of the Days of the Sea in 1979, it depicts the composer walking towards the sea, his clothes being blown by the wind. Financed by the Ministry of Culture and Art, it was donated to Ustka. Interestingly, it is a work of Warsaw sculptor - Ludwika Nitschowa, who is also the author of the Warsaw Mermaid.

Kościół Najświętszego Zbawiciela w Ustce

Ustka,  76-270 Kościelna 4 (800m from our facility)

The nineteenth-century Church of the Holiest Savior on Church Street was the result of parishioners' need for a church with more seats than the church of St. John the Baptist and St. Nicholas could provide. As a result, in the second half of the 19th century a decision was made to demolish the previous church and build a new one, at that time, outside the village on a dune. The final building is the work of Franz Drabeim, who designed it as neo-Gothic on a rectangular plan with a massive tower above the entrance portal and polygonal closed chancel. It is an interesting building because its architect was a ship carpenter.

The Dying Warrior

Ustka,  76-270 Fryderyka Chopina (800m form our facility)

Four years after the end of World War I, the citizens of Ustka decided to commemorate the fallen. Unveiled in 1922, the monument, depicting a dying naked warrior, is the work of Josef Thorak. The sculptor, who came from Austria, put in the man's hand a shield with the coat of arms of Ustka. The sculpture is located in the Seaside Park in Chopina Street. The original inscription on its pedestal read "To our fallen soldiers". After 1945 it was changed to "To the nameless heroes of the world wars - the citizens of Ustka", unfortunately this plaque has also not survived.

Irena Kwiatkowska's bench

Ustka, 76-270 Promenada Nadmorska (1,1km from our facility)

Among the monumental attractions of Ustka, it is worth paying attention to the bench with Irena Kwiatkowska's likeness placed on the promenade. It is also worth commemorating it with a photo. Unveiled in 2012, the monument very well reflects the personality of this characteristic actress. Although Mrs Irena Kwiatkowska was not a native inhabitant of Ustka, she visited our town very often.

Lookout tower in Ustka

Ustka,  76-270 Promenada Nadmorska (1,5km from our facility)

Walking along the promenade in the direction of the Solidarity Route, we can climb the characteristic blue and white observation tower. In addition to the view of the local beach and the cliffs of Walnut, it is also interesting for military enthusiasts. Formerly, it was part of the complex of the 9th Battery of Artillery in Lędów. The complex, located about 3 km from Ustka, was considered the central element of the Ustka Fortress.

Ustka Promenade

Ustka,  76-270 Promenada Nadmorska (1,7km from our facility)

Along the eastern beach, for over a kilometer, stretches the Ustka promenade - the best place for walkers in our city. The promenade was established in 1875, at the time of arranging the first walking park in Ustka. The route starts from the characteristic for the local port, brick, lighthouse and leads to the former military observation tower, now serving as an observation tower. Following this direction, one can understand why the eastern part of the shore was chosen to be so developed.

Commemorative plaque dedicated to gen. Sosabowski

Ustka, 76-270 Jagielońska - Grunwaldzka (2,3km form tour facility)

On the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem, a plaque dedicated to General Stanislaw Sosabowski was unveiled at the crossroads of Grunwaldzka and Jagiellońska. General Sosabowski was one of the most outstanding soldiers serving in the Polish Army. Born in 1892, as an eighteen year old he became engaged in patriotic activities in his native Stanislawow.

Lookout tower in Orzechowo

Ustka, 76-270 (7,7km from our facility)

Among the many attractions that we can enjoy while riding the bike path leading from Ustka to Rowy, it is worth stopping in Orzechowo Morskie and climbing the local 48 meter high observation tower. It was built in 2006, in comparison to most lookout points, not from wood but from reinforced concrete circles superimposed one over another, and its appearance resembles a slender lighthouse. It is located on a summer resort area belonging to the State Forests and allows you to admire the beautiful views of the Ustka area.

Church in Charnowo

Ustka, 76-270 (8,8km from our facility)

The church in Charnowo is a wonderful example of skilful combination of brick and half-timbered buildings. Additionally, built on a Greek cross plan, with shorter nave than the arms of the transept, it is one of the most interesting religious buildings in the Ustka commune.

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